Wish List

As a non-profit organization, Help Incorporated relies upon "In-Kind" contributions as well as cash donations. In-Kind contributions usually take the form of supplies or equipment, new or used, and are a great help to our agency.

Help Incorporated is introducing this "Wish List" to our web site that will be updated regularly as a showcase for specific In-Kind donation needs. Below is a list of items that will help us as well as people in our community receive the resources they need.

- diapers (any size)

- baby formula

- fleece blankets

- cleaning supplies

   - clorox wipes

   - 13 gallon trash bags

   - hand soap

   - toilet paper

   - paper towels

   - air freshner

- general office supplies

   - copy paper (white & color)

   - stamps

   - ink cartridges (Dell Series 6 -- color)

   - Bic White-Out EZ Correct Tape

   - photo paper

   - glue sticks

   - dry erase markers

   - one subject notebooks

   - receipt books w/ 3 copies

   - colored pocket folders

   - playdoh

   - recordable DVD-R's

   - CD/DVD sleeves

- medical supplies

   - latex gloves

   - spray bottles

   - medical q-tips

   - 2x2 guaze

Your contribution is tax deductible per IRS regulations.